Spa Valmont

As amazing as ever, Valmont sets the stage and partners with Grand Hotel Polyana as the exclusive face brand for the Spa.

Already famous and successful among Russia’s most elite clientele, Valmont is proud to bring its knowledge to this additional V35 Spa.

Offering an array of rejuvenation and recreation therapies, the Spa Valmont for Grand Hotel Polyana covers all skin conditions and leaves no room for signs of aging! Valmont features its emblematic treatments and exclusive protocols based on the exquisite butterfly movement.

In addition to its internationally acclaimed offer, the Magician of Time creates an unprecedented facial: Elixir des Glaciers for Grand Hotel Polyana. This is an exclusive, sensual and complete 120-minute face ritual which visibly reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and boosts radiance thanks to the utmost properties of the Elixir des Glaciers line and specific anti-wrinkle modelage technique.

For more detailed information, please contact us at:
+7 (862) 259 55 95.